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Please see Shape Your City Vancouver for all active rezoning applications.


The following list includes rezoning applications (from approximately 2011-2019) that have been approved in principle or on hold, and is for reference and research purposes only. View rezoning applications that have been enacted, withdrawn or not approved.

Project Status

    • Approved: A rezoning application has been approved in principle by Council at a Public Hearing.
    • Enacted: A rezoning application has received final approval by Council and the related zoning by-laws have come into force.
    • Withdrawn: The applicant has formally withdrawn the rezoning application.
    • On Hold: Application has been put on hold.
    • Not Approved: Council voted to not approve the rezoning application.

Additional Information


Site-Specific Rezoning Applications:  Approved  |  Approved Cambie Townhouses  |  On Hold  

Other Applications:  Heritage  |  Sign By-Law


Site-Specific Rezoning Applications (Approved in principle)

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Site-Specific Rezoning Applications - Cambie Corridor Townhouse (Approved in principle)

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Site-Specific Rezoning Applications (On hold)

Heritage Application Legal Information

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Sign By-law Amendment Applications

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