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Please see Shape Your City Vancouver for all active rezoning applications.


The following list includes rezoning applications (from approximately 2011-2019) that have been approved in principle or are on hold, and is for reference and research purposes only. View rezoning applications that have been enacted, withdrawn or not approved.

Project Status

    • Approved: A rezoning application has been approved in principle by Council at a Public Hearing.
    • Enacted: A rezoning application has received final approval by Council and the related zoning by-laws have come into effect.
    • Withdrawn: The applicant has formally withdrawn the rezoning application.
    • On Hold: Application has been put on hold.
    • Not Approved: Council voted to not approve the rezoning application.

Additional Information


Site-Specific Rezoning Applications:  Approved  |  Approved Cambie Townhouses  |  On Hold  

Other Applications:  Heritage  |  Sign By-Law


Site-Specific Rezoning Applications (Approved in principle)

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Site-Specific Rezoning Applications - Cambie Corridor Townhouse (Approved in principle)

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Site-Specific Rezoning Applications (On hold)

Heritage Application Legal Information

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Sign By-law Amendment Applications

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