Rezoning applications


Rezoning Application - 803 West 12th Avenue


The City of Vancouver has received an application to amend the existing CD-1 (59) (Comprehensive Development) District By-law.  The proposal includes:

    • allowance for the Joseph and Rosalie Segal Family Health Centre, currently under construction, to expand up to 1.0 m into the Willow Street pedestrian corridor;
    • the proposed amendment would allow a 1.0 m extension for the Segal building and would leave the Willow Street pedestrian corridor with a minimum width of 11 m (36 ft.); and
    • the application does not propose to change the height or density of the building.

This application has been approved by Council at Public Hearing on June 25, 2015. As there were no conditions to meet, Council enacted By-law No. 11296, amending CD-1 (59), on July 7, 2015.

Application (February 26, 2015)

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