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Rezoning Application – Proposed Amendments to the Downtown Official Development Plan (DODP)

In 2014, Council approved changes to the Downtown Official Development Plan (DODP) to help implement the Downtown Eastside (DTES) Plan, West End Plan, Healthy City Strategy, and Housing and Homelessness Strategy. Although previously approved by Council, people who live in downtown locations outside of the West End and DTES plan area may not have been aware that these changes affected the entire DODP area. These changes to the DODP include but are not limited to:

  • Creating updated definitions for “social housing” and “secured market rental housing” which would apply to all sites within the DODP boundary;
  • Removing future residential uses and increasing commercial density in the Robson Village (‘Area E’); and
  • Allowing for increased height and density to provide social housing and secured market rental housing in the Victory Square area (‘Area C2’).

Once an expanded community notification process within all of the DODP areas (as shown on the map) has been completed, Council will review both these previous amendments and a few minor additional amendments that provide greater clarity on process and intent of the plans. The DTES and West End Plans will not be affected and are not being reviewed by Council through this process.

This application was approved with changes by Council at Public Hearing on March 26, 2015. Read the meeting minutes (Note: discussion on the proposed amendments to the DODP starts on p. 27).

Application (March 3, 2015)


Advisory Group and Community Meetings

  • Public Open House: March 19, 2015, 4-7pm at the Vancouver Central Library (350 West Georgia Street) - Display Boards PDF(1.59mb)

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