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Proposed Amendments to the East Fraser Lands (River District)
Official Development Plan (EFL ODP) By-Law No. 9393

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Park Lane River District Development LTD (Wesgroup Properties) has applied to the City of Vancouver to amend the East Fraser Lands Official Development Plan, By-Law No. 9393.

The proposal is to adjust By-Law No. 9393. Section 6: Development Phasing to allow for development parcels in the Town Square Precinct to be delivered concurrently with the Waterfront Precinct.


This application has been approved by Council at Public Hearing on September 19, 2017


Note: Three additional amendments, which were discussed at the public open house held on March 29, 2017 are not contemplated in this proposed amendment but will be considered as part of a comprehensive review of the EFL ODP. Work on the EFL ODP 10-year Review commenced in summer 2017.


The proposed amendment to the development phasing is being considered by Council prior to the completion of the broader EFL ODP 10-year Review (anticipated in 2018) in order to support continued development in EFL.


For more information on the East Fraser Lands 10-year ODP review click here.


The items noted below, which were previously included in the application dated January 7, 2017, are now being considered as part of the EFL ODP 10-year review:


  • CD-1(566) Town Square Precinct
      • Parcels 14 & 19 – convert 14,422 sq. m (155,237 sq. ft.) of office use to residential use for secured rental housing
      • Allow a stand-alone District Energy Utility building on
        Parcel 19
  • CD-1 (498) Area 2 North
      • Add 3,359 m2 (36,156 sq. ft.) of residential floor area for affordable housing on Parcel 1
  • East Fraser Lands Official Development Plan
      • Amend the development phasing plan to allow development of the Town Square to proceed ahead of the Waterfront Precinct
      • Consequential amendments related to the proposals for secured rental and affordable housing


Application (January 7, 2017)




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