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Rezoning Application – Proposed Amendments to Implement the False Creek Flats Area Plan

The False Creek Flats Area Plan (the “Plan”) approved by Council in May 2017, focuses on intensifying employment opportunities in this strategically located area of the City. The plan provides a clear yet flexible framework to guide future growth and change to support a thriving and evolving economy over the next 30 years.


As part of the implementation actions outlined in the False Creek Flats Area Plan, the General Manager of Planning, Urban Design and Sustainability has submitted an application to amend the Zoning and Development By-law to bring forward the zoning changes, consequential amendments, and accompanying development policies and guidelines to manage future development as anticipated in the Plan.


The proposed provisions include a new rezoning policy for the False Creek Flats, a new FC-2 District Schedule, amendments to the I-2, I-3, IC-3, and MC-1 and MC-2 District Schedules, and amendments to the Regional Context Statement Official Development Plan, along with accompanying urban design policies and guidelines.

The primary objectives of the district schedules, amendments, policies and guidelines are to:

  • Intensify employment density in well-served transit locations;
  • Retain and intensify core industrial economy serving lands;
  • Support a full spectrum of industrial and economic users, from start-up to head-office;
  • Develop appropriate bylaws that support innovative economies;
  • Encourage amenity contributions to support economic enabling activities;
  • Enable a diverse and interesting landscape that supports active retail and restaurants with goods and services intended for local workers, students and those using the area as an active transportation corridor;
  • Provide clarity on future development uses, heights and densities;
  • Introduce rezoning opportunities for key character and historic buildings to anchor public life and activity around unique and interesting places; and
  • Introduce and intensify residential opportunities aligned with local and regional employment lands policy.

For more information on the False Creek Flats Area Plan, click here.

At the July 25, 2017 Regular Council meeting, this application was referred to the September 19, 2017 Public Hearing. Council concluded hearing from speakers, closed receipt of public comments, and referred discussion and decision to the Regular Council Meeting on October 3, 2017, as Unfinished Business.

This application has been approved by Council at Regular Council on October 3, 2017.

Application (July 11, 2017)


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