Revised Rezoning Application - 950 West 41st Avenue (Jewish Community Centre)


The City of Vancouver has received a rezoning application from Acton Ostry Architects to amend CD-1 (285) to allow for redevelopment of the Jewish Community Centre (JCC) site at 950 West 41st Avenue.


The revised application includes additional residential housing and the removal of the 13-storey replacement Louis Brier Home and Hospital. This has resulted in the following changes:


    • Increase in maximum building height from 80 m (263 ft.) to 84.8 m (279 ft.);
    • Increase from 160 to 299 residential units;
    • Increase from 693 to 783 vehicle parking spaces; and
    • Increase in floor space ration (FSR) from 4.47 to 4.59.


The revised proposal is for a phased redevelopment with:


  • A 9-storey replacement Jewish Community Centre, including:
    • recreation space, including pools and gyms;
    • cultural arts, auditorium, and theatre space;
    • non-profit office space; and
    • a maximum height of 37 m (121 ft.).


  • A residential component including:
    • a 26-storey and 24-storey building above a podium;
    • 299 residential units provided through a community land trust; and
    • maximum heights of 84.8 m (279 ft.) and 75.7 m (249 ft.).


Underground parking, with 783 vehicle parking spaces and 430 bicycle parking spaces, is proposed. The revised application proposes a total floor space ratio (FSR) of 4.59.


The application is being considered under the Oakridge Transit Centre Policy Statement.


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