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Rezoning Application - 2720 East 48th Avenue (6465 Vivian Street)


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The City of Vancouver has received an application to amend the existing CD-1 (7A) (Comprehensive Development) District By-law for 2720 E 48th Avenue (6465 Vivian Street). The proposal for affordable seniors' rental housing would include:

    • one 4-storey building on Vivian Street;
    • 137 Seniors Affordable Rental Housing Units;
    • a building height of 14.45 m (47.5 ft.);
    • a net floor space ratio (FSR) of 1.55; and
    • 32 parking spaces and 41 bicycle spaces.

The application is being considered under the Victoria-Fraserview/Killarney Community Vision.

This application was approved by Council at Public Hearing on January 24, 2017. The conditions having been met, Council enacted By-law No. 11870, CD-1 (669), and By-law No. 11871 on July 25, 2017.


Application (May 19, 2016)


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City Contact: Graham Winterbottom, Rezoning Planner,, 604.829.4217

Applicant Contact: Kenneth Wong, NSDA Architects,, 604.669.1926