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Rezoning Application - 620 Cardero Street (formerly 1575 West Georgia Street)

The City of Vancouver has received an application to amend the text of CD-1 (633) for 620 Cardero Street (formerly 1575 West Georgia Street).

The application proposes to amend the floor space ratio (FSR) for the 26-storey mixed residential-commercial building to be developed on this site. The FSR is proposed to be increased from 10.59 to 10.85 to account for:

  • An error in the rezoning application that did not include rooftop mechanical space in the FSR calculation
  • An amendment to convert in-suite storage floor area, previously exempted from FSR calculations, into normal residential floor area 
  • The inclusion of new underground storage space for residential units

The conversion of in-suite storage floor area to residential floor area arises from changes to the layout of the residential floors that have resulted in fewer overall units within the approved density. Dwelling units are only permitted one storage room, which is excluded from the FSR calculation. The applicant seeks to use the floor area, that is no longer used for storage, for additional living space within the redevised units. All living space is typically included in the FSR calculation, so the FSR in the CD-1 By-law has to be increased to accommodate this request.

This proposal will not change the permitted height, massing, or form of development previously approved by Council.

This application has been approved by Council at Public Hearing on July 11, 2017. The conditions having been met, Council enacted By-law No. 11868 on July 25, 2017.



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City Contact: Aaron Lao, Rezoning Planner,, 604-873-7466

Applicant Contact: Gregory Henriquez, Henriquez Partners Architects, 604.687.5681