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Rezoning Application - 1837-1847 Main Street and 1265-1281 Howe Street (CD-1 Text Amendment)

The General Manager of Planning, Urban Design and Sustainability in conjunction with the General Manager of Arts, Culture and Community Services has made an application to amend CD-1 (684) (1837-1847 Main Street) and CD-1 (551) (1265-1281 Howe Street) to allow Arts and Culture Indoor Event as a permitted use.This would allow for events of an artistic or cultural nature to be held within the cultural amenity spaces at these sites. Each Arts and Culture Indoor Event staged at these locations would require a separate, temporary permit from the City. No change to floor area, density, or form of development of the existing buildings is proposed. This use would be consistent with the intent of the secured cultural amenity space for use as artist studios, as well as a space for artistic and cultural events.

This application has been approved by Council at Public Hearing on April 2, 2019.


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City Contact: Tess Munro, Rezoning Planner,, 604-871-6168

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