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Rezoning Application - 1445-1455 West Georgia Street



The City of Vancouver has received some changes to the February 3, 2017 rezoning application. These changes include:

    • an increase in the number of family-oriented three-bedroom units and a reduction in the number
      of two-bedroom units;
    • an increase in the total floor area from 257,477 sq. ft. to 261,721 sq. ft. and an increase of FSR from 14.2 to
      14.4; and
    • an increase in the number of vehicle parking stalls from 195 to 228.

There is no change in the overall building height or massing.

See illustrative drawings below.


The City of Vancouver has received a revised application to rezone 1445-1455 West Georgia Street from Downtown
(DD) District to Comprehensive Development (CD-1) District. The revised proposal is for a 46-storey residential building

    • 119 market strata units;
    • a floor space ratio (FSR) of 14.4 and a floor area of 24,315 m.sq. (261,721 sq.ft.);
    • nine levels of underground parking with 228 vehicle parking stalls and 149 bicycle parking spaces; and
    • a building height of 156.74 m (514.23 ft.)

This application is being considered under the General Policy for Higher Buildings.

A community open house took place from 5-8 pm on Monday, May 1, 2017 at the Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle Downtown Hotel (1128 West Hastings Street) in the Pinnacle 1 Function Room, with the applicant team and City staff available to answer questions.

Application (October 31, 2017)

Application (February 3, 2017)

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Advisory Group and Community Open House Meetings

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To view additional plans please make an appointment with the rezoning planner.

City contact: Thien Phan, Rezoning Planner,, 604-829.9225

Applicant contact: Dawn Guspie, James KM Cheng Architects,, 604-873-4333


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