Rezoning applications


Rezoning Application - 1262-1290 Burrard Street (CD-1 Text Amendment)

The City of Vancouver has received an application to amend CD-1 (587) (Comprehensive Development) District By-law to allow:

  • Institutional use to include School - University or College, School - Elementary or Secondary.
  • Service use to include School - Arts or Self-Improvement, School - Business, School - Vocational or Trade.

This proposal contains no changes to the form of development. The application is being considered under the Metro Core Jobs & Economy Plan, which allows consideration of employment-generating uses.

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Application (August 25, 2020)




City Contact: Yan Zeng, Rezoning Planner,

Applicant Contact: Joanna Kwan, Reliance Properties, 604-671-4363

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