Rezoning Centre


The Rezoning Centre’s primary role is the administration of changes to the Zoning and Development By-law and associated Land Use and Development Policies and Guidelines. A rezoning is a legal change to the By-law, either initiated by City staff following a policy planning study, or by the public by way of a privately-submitted rezoning application. Rezoning Centre Staff respond to rezoning enquiries and to process privately-submitted rezoning applications. City Council makes all decisions regarding changes to the Zoning and Development By-law and the adoption of, or changes to, associated guidelines. View the Zoning Map.

Rezoning Procedures in Vancouver describes the purpose of zoning, and explains in detail how different types of changes to zoning may be considered through the rezoning application process. For more information on the rezoning process, view the rezoning process chart or the rezoning frequently asked questions.

Land Use and Development Policies and Guidelines, are Council adopted policy. They are listed under individual subject headings and may provide guidance to rezoning enquirers, applicants and staff in assessing certain rezoning proposals as well as certain development proposals involving conditional approval uses and regulations under current zoning.

A formal Public Hearing must be held by City Council should they wish to consider any change to the Zoning and Development By-law.

The Planning Update provides a summary of current rezoning applications and major development applications, as well as policy planning studies currently underway in other divisions of the Planning Department.

The Council Meetings webpage provides access to current Council reports, including rezoning reports, as well as minutes of past Council Meetings and Public Hearings.

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